Top 10 Highest Paid Coaches in College Football teams

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As the NCAA conference and television revenues increase, and the requirements of schools for national championships increase, the salary of the head coach grows.This year we have a new high-paying football coach in college, and Nick Sarbana has restored the top position from Jim Harper.

1. Nick Saban — $11.1 million

School: Alabama
Conference: SEC
Potential Bonus: $700,000
Championships (conference/national): 8/5
One thing to know: Soon after flirting with the University of Texas in 2014, Saban reached a new agreement with Alabama and received $ 3 million from a fund backed by accelerators from the University of Alabama in his home. Mortgage loans.

2. Dabo Swinney — $8.5 million

School: Clemson
Conference: ACC
Potential Bonus: $1.0 million
Championships (conference/national): 3/1
One thing to know: Swinney was a sample for the Alabama team in 1992. He won the national championship and began his coaching career as assistant coach for Crimson Tide. When Mike Shura became the head coach of Bama, he left Clemson.

3. Jim Harbaugh — $7.0 million

School: Michigan
Conference: Big Ten
Potential Bonus: $1.3 million
Championships (conference/national): 0/0
One thing to know: Harbaugh's salary of $ 2 million a year is an insurance premium that the school pays for life insurance premiums under the name Harbaugh. According to the Detroit Free Press report, when Harper died, the school was not interested in returning money. However, it is estimated that compensation for death will bring his family at least $ 20 million.

4. Urban Meyer — $6.4 million

School: Ohio State
Conference: Big Ten
Potential Bonus: $775,000
Championships (conference/national): 5/3
One thing to know: After Meyer won his third national championship in the 2014 season, he received a postponement bonus, but he is still the second largest platinum coach among the top ten athletes.

5. Rich Rodriguez — $6.0 million

School: Arizona
Conference: Pac-12
Potential Bonus: $2.0 million
Championships (conference/national): 0/0
One thing to know: Rodriguez is the highest paid coach in the Pac-12, although he won only eight games in the first five seasons of the school.

6. Jimbo Fisher — $5.7 million

School: Florida State
Conference: ACC
Potential Bonus: $1.5 million
Championships (conference/national): 3/1
One thing to know: Before becoming the head coach of the University of Florida, Fisher studied with some well-known coaches and served as an assistant to Bobby Bowden, Nick Sarbanes, Rice Miles and Terry Bowden at different times. If the Board of Directors of Alabama has not abandoned its contract to become the head coach of Birmingham, Ala., In 2007, Fisher's situation may be quite different. Now Fisher said that he was very glad that they did it.

7. David Shaw — $5.7 million

School: Stanford
Conference: Pac-12
Potential Bonus: not available
Championships (conference/national): 3/0
One thing to know: The show became a coach at Stanford in the seventh season after in 2011 Jim Harbo took over the management. The show was attacked by the coordinator of Harbog after nine assistant trainers of the NFL.

8. Tom Herman — $5.5 million

School: Texas
Conference: Big 12
Potential Bonus: $725,000
Championships (conference/national):
One thing to know: Hermann had just entered the third year as head coach and had just participated in the Power-5 conference. However, he turned Houston into one of the best shows outside the Power-5 conference. Now the Texans seem to be moving in the right direction.

9. Gary Patterson — $5.1 million

School: Texas Christian
Conference: Big 12
Potential Bonus: not available
Championships (conference/national): 6/0
One thing to know: When Patterson attended the TCU in 2000, they attended the WAC meeting. Since then, they have turned into a Western Mountain Conference in the United States and have now become champions of the year, becoming one of the lucrative Power-5 conferences, the Big 12.

10. Kevin Sumlin — $5.0 million

School: Texas A&M
Conference: SEC
Potential Bonus: $1.1 million
Championships (conference/national): 0/0
One thing to know: It is expected that Sumlin will be dismissed before the end of the season, which will make him the fourth coach who will lose his job this season. With all the rich graduates opening their wallets, the rich recruiters in Texas and the call of the SEC, Texas A & M can be called one of the best jobs in the country. However, having won 20 games in the first two A & M seasons, he did not win more than 8 games at any time of the year.

Top 5 Finishers In La Liga This Season

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The Spanish league was the most successful league in Europe in the last few years. Historically, La Liga was home to the biggest players. Several superstars, excellent players and outstanding players guarantee that the league remains active every season.Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Christian Estonia and Jagua Spas and others have free scores and stunning statistics, because their goal is to bring their clubs to fame. Let's quickly explore the top five players in the highest Spanish league this season.

1.Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona)

Lionel Messi is the most influential player in the Spanish league this season. The Argentinian helped Barcelona overcome the very poor start of the campaign and confirmed them as the most dominant team in La Liga. He was consistent, with a lot of fantastic views, as he helped Blaugrana another name.Leo was the best finisher in the Spanish league this season. The playmaker scored more than any other player in the division, with 29 goals in 32 games. His target ratio of 0.9 goals per game was also really impressive.

Six of his goals came with penalties, and 2 - from a penalty. He was the most deadly player from outside the penalty area, with 27.5% of his goals. It was a great season for the Argentines. He played more shots than anyone in the league (178), and was the busiest striker in the La Liga for this period.

2.Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid)

Cristiano Ronaldo is struck by the unsuccessful start of the "Real" this season. This season, when Real Madrid experienced a series of terrible results, the attacker fought in the first matches of La Liga. This prompted many people to think that the Portuguese passed their peak and did not have a big impact on the campaign.

If Ronaldo had one thing that would be really perfect, this would certainly prove that people were wrong. Since the beginning of the year, five-time champion Ballon d'Or has won headlines with a remarkable performance. In fact, he scored almost casually in the top Spanish league. The attacker regained his position as one of the most deadly terminators of the La Liga.
Till now the talisman of "Real" has hammered in 24 balls in 25 league matches and scored once every 91 minutes. Of his 24 goals, 13 scored with his right foot, 7 left scored, and the remaining 4 goals.
He was always a real threat and very clinical in free throws, scoring 3 goals from the field.

3.Luis Suarez (FC Barcelona)

Barcelona striker Luis Suarez was one of the poor performers at the beginning of the season. The departure of Neimar from PSG affected Uruguayans. In the first few games of La Liga he was just a shadow of himself. It will take some time to get used to the new manager (Enesto Warvard) and the new formation (4-4-2).
But gradually, I began to adapt myself to these changes. After several games, Suarez re-opened his performance and became an important influence for the Barcelona season. The striker performed well in La Liga, as he started to score again. He is one of the best finishers in the Spanish league this season.

4.Iago Aspas (Celta de Vigo)

The 10th place Celta De Vigo on the table of La Liga is mainly due to the impressive form of Iago Aspas. The efforts of their star players helped the club save the top ten games.His recent strike against Barcelona meant that he now scored 20 goals in 32 league matches for Célticos this season. This means that he has 0.62 goals in 90 minutes in the top Spanish league this season.

In addition, he was always a real threat in a "one on one" situation and faced great challenges in front of his opponent's defenders. Of the 20 goals he scored this season, 19 were out of the box, and only one came from the outside.

5.Antoine Griezmann (Atletico de Madrid)

In the past few years, Antoni Gritsman has been one of the most impressive players of the La Liga. After a slow start to the season with their standards, the French striker returned to his most obvious position. From the end of the year, Glezman was the leader in La Liga. His outstanding performance helped the team Atletico Madrid continue to play in the champion champion of Barcelona.

So far, the attackers have scored 19 goals for 29 games La Liga Atletico Madrid with 0.66 goals per game. He scored 15 goals in the penalty area, including 2 goals from 6 yards and the remaining 2 goals from outside the penalty area.

Moreover, the attacker is very clinical. In the highest Spanish league this season he shot 26.8% of his 71 shots. His impressive statistics show that he is one of the best finishers in La Liga.

The 10 Greatest Strikers of all Time

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The purpose of football is simple. These players took their place in history, getting a barrel of buckwheat from different situations and prospects.Because of their skills, crimes and goals, these forwards have football fans around the world. There are many amazing forwards, which ranked the top ten. No effort, let's look at the greatest striker.

1. Pele

When you think about the World Cup, the first name that comes to mind is: Pele.When you think about beautiful football, the first name that you think of is: Pele.When you think that Brazil dominates the world of football, the first thing that comes to mind is: Pele.

As a football player, Bailey retained his best status in much of the World Cup. As a boy, Bell rushed to the scene for the first time in 1958. He definitely participated in this game and performed great performances in the game. In 1958, Bailey became the youngest player in the World Cup final when Brazil defeated Sweden 5: 2. Pelé joined the team at the age of 17, and this is still a record.
The Brazilian team also won the World Cup in 1962, but after several games, Ryou was wounded. The 1970 World Championships consolidated Pele's position as one of the greatest players in history. The legendary Brazilian team consisting of themselves, Rivellino, Carlos Alberto and Tostao, completely destroyed their style of "Yogi Bonito" and the front of Pele.

2. Ronaldo Nazario

Being one of the greatest strikers in history, Ronaldo Donazario was an absolute phenomenon during his heyday. A three-time World Player of the Year and two Champions of the Barendal, Ronaldo is known for his destructive speed, acceleration, rapid dribbling and clinical finishing skills at his peak.
The Brazilian striker played in such leading clubs as Cruzeiro, Eindhoven, Barcelona, Inter, Real Madrid, Milan and Corinth, and achieved success throughout his career.
After winning several club championships, El Phenomeno also made great strides in Brazil. In 2002, he led the South American team to win the fifth World Cup, and in 1998, Brazil took second place.
Ronaldo Donariao, as one of the most complete players, is undoubtedly the biggest forward of our generation and a source of inspiration for many current and future players.

3. Gerd Muller

Gerd Müller is the most deadly terminator in the history of football. German is not a tempo indicator or it takes time to make some convincing steps. What he does is scoring goals and scoring every time he plays.

Mill's statistics are really amazing. He scored a staggering 711 goals for the club and the national team. He even broke the previous record of the highest score in the history of Messi for many years. Miller scored 365 goals in 427 games in Bavaria in Munich and was 100 goals more than Bundesliga's second most successful striker Klaus Fischer.

4. Alfredo Di Stefano

There is no doubt that the players left by Real are undoubtedly one of the largest club teams in the world, and Alfredo di Stefano is undoubtedly the biggest player in Real Madrid.Although his actions may be controversial, it can not be denied that he had a great influence in the times of Los Blancos. Di Stefano scored an incredible 307 goals in 396 games and won a terrific trophy. Di Stefano is also the only player to score 5 goals in the European Cup final.

When Distofano took place in Madrid, eight champions of La Liga, five European Cup champions, one King's Cup and one Intercontinental Cup champion demonstrated the great influence of the Argentines. Even such great people as Eusebio and Bailey call Distefano "the most complete player in history" and the Argentine legend is undoubtedly one of the greatest forwards.

5. Ferenc Puskas

With a cumbersome left foot and excellent positioning skills, Ferenc Puskas is easily one of the greatest players to play this game. He is the undisputed "key figure Magic Magyars, and led the Hungarian team achieved unprecedented success, including second place in the 1954 World Cup.
The legendary Hungarian striker was shooting number one from the Spanish team for four consecutive seasons. His amazing ability to score a goal can be seen in his stunning 616 goals in 620 matches of both clubs. He is also a scorer in Hungary, 84 times in 85 games.
Pushkas is one of the greatest shooters in the history of Real Madrid.

6. Eusebio

Statistics on football are often overstated, but scored 621 goals in 637 games, making the Portuguese Panthers Eusebio one of the greatest shooters ever. For many people, including the great Pele, Eusebio is the undisputed king of football. He has a talented talent and he knows every player who has the honor of watching him.
In those years, Eusebio won various personal honors, won the Ballon d'Or in 1965 and in second place took second place in Bobby Charlton. In 1968, he won the Golden Boot for most of the goals in Europe and again achieved this success five years later.
Black Panthers, of course, one of the greatest strikers.

7. Josef Bican

This incredible player with a gate ratio of 1.52, Josef Beekan is the best scorer of the season in five different events in Europe. Mayak has the ability to score the ball with his feet. He is also very impressive and can work 100 meters in 10.8 seconds, as fast as many sprinters of that time. The International Federation for the History and Statistics of Football (IFFHS) even awarded the Golden Globe beacon as the greatest shooter of the last century.

Austrian is known for its time in Rapid-Vienna and Slavia in Prague. He is also the only person in the history who scored 7 goals in 7 games in three games.
His goals in Vienna and Prague are incredible. He won 52 times in 49 games in Vienna, and in Prague he made 179 matches and was overwhelmed with 395 goals. With 805 goals in his career, this tall, handsome and fast Austrian man is considered by many to be the greatest striker in history.

8. Arthur Freidenreich

Although many people may not have heard of the great Arthur Frederick, it can not be denied that he reformed the game in Brazil. Some records even claimed that African-Brazilians were the most scoring goals in the history of football, reaching an incredible 1329 goals in his 26-year career from 1909 to 1935.
He played a leading role in the Brazilian elections of 1919 and 1922 in the America's Cup and was named "King of Football" in the 1925 European tour of Brazil.
Scored a lot of points in his star career. Arthur Freidenreich is the first outstanding black player in history.

9. Romario

For a long and successful career for 24 years, Romario unites his legend as one of the greatest scorers. The performance of the Brazilian team in the teams of Eindhoven and Barcelona is wonderful.He scored 165 goals in 167 games in Eindhoven, and for two seasons in Barcelona he scored an impressive 39 goals.

In his nomadic career for flamenco, Vasco da Gama, Eindhoven, Barcelona and Valencia, Romario made a terrific 688 goals in 886 games. He also scored 55 goals for the Brazilian team and scored 743 goals in his career. Romario is undoubtedly the most prolific shooter.

10. Marco van Basten

Mark van Basten is undoubtedly one of the greatest talents in history. The Dutch international scored the greatest moment in the European finals of 1988. He impressed the stunning "Grand Slam" in this game and provided the Netherlands with his only international trophy. Van Basten won five times in the UEFA Champions League in 1988, including a hat-trick for England, scoring against Germany in the semifinals and exciting volleys against the Soviet Union in the finals.

Amazing 277 goals in his club career, Van Basten is still remembered in Ajax, Milan and the Netherlands and is considered one of the most talented forwards in history.

Top 10 Football Coaches in the World

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The coach's reputation rating analyzes "100 variables from 10 categories of coaching", including experience, won trophies, winning stakes, leadership qualities and reputation.He also considers the "assessment" of industry leaders and journalists.
Characteristics of the coach Manchester United Jose Mourinho and coach Guardiola in Manchester City, but there are also some surprises - including two coaches who have not won a single championship.

1. Pep Guardiola — Manchester City

Current club: Manchester City.
Age: 47.
Overall win percentage: 72.1%.
Previous clubs include: FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich.
Major titles won: La Liga (3), Copa del Rey (2), UEFA Champions League (2), Bundesliga (3) and DFB-Pokal (2)

2. Massimiliano Allegri — Juventus

Current club: Juventus.
Age: 50.
Overall win percentage: 51.8%.
Previous clubs include: Sassuolo, Cagliari, and AC Milan.
Major titles won: Serie A (4) and Coppa Italia (3).

3. Zinedine Zidane — Real Madrid

Current club: Real Madrid.
Age: 45.
Overall win percentage: 63.3%.
Previous clubs include: N/a.
Major titles won: La Liga and Champions League (2).

4. Antonio Conte — Chelsea FC

Current club: Chelsea.
Age: 48.
Overall win percentage: 58.8%.
Previous clubs include: Atalanta, Juventus, and Italy.
Major titles won: Serie A (3) and Premier League.

5. Diego Simeone — Atletico Madrid

Current club: Atlético Madrid.
Age: 47.
Overall win percentage: 55.9%.
Previous clubs include: River Plate, San Lorenzo, and Racing Club.
Major titles won: Argentine Primera División (2), La Liga, Copa del Rey, and Europa League.

6. José Mourinho — Manchester United

Current club: Manchester United.
Age: 54.
Overall win percentage: 65.5%.

Previous clubs include: FC Porto, Chelsea, Internazionale, and Real Madrid.
Major titles won: Primiera Liga (2), Premier League (3), FA Cup, League Cup (4), Serie A (2), Coppa Italia, La Liga, Copa del Rey, UEFA Cup / Europa League (2), and Champions League (2).

7. Unai Emery — Paris Saint-Germain

Current club: Paris Saint-Germain.
Age: 46.
Overall win percentage: 52.9%.
Previous clubs include: Valencia, Spartak Moscow, and Sevilla.
Major titles won: UEFA Europa League (3) and Coupe de France.

8. Mauricio Pochettino — Tottenham Hotspur

Current club: Tottenham Hotspur.
Age: 45.
Overall win percentage: 43.1%.
Previous clubs include: Espanyol and Southampton.
Major titles won: N/a.

9. Ernesto Valverde — FC Barcelona

Current club: FC Barcelona.
Age: 53.
Overall win percentage: 51.3%.
Previous clubs include: Athletic Bilbao, Olympiacos, and Valencia.
Major titles won: Greek Superleague (3) and the Greek Football Cup.

10. Julen Lopetegui — Spain

Current team: Spain.
Age: 51.
Overall win percentage: 63.3%.
Previous clubs include: Rayo Vallecano and FC Porto.
Major titles won: n/a.

The 10 Richest Football Clubs in the World

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1. Manchester United — €676.3 million

Manchester United climbed to the League of Fortune for the second consecutive season - this is the 10th time since the start of the recording. 12 sponsorship deals of Manchester United and improved broadcasting contracts are the key to increasing revenues from 515.3 million pounds sterling to 582 million pounds sterling. However, Deloitte said that the "protective factor" was to win the European League Championship in Stockholm.

2. Real Madrid — €674.6 million

Real Madrid may be behind La Liga against Barcelona in La Liga, but he jumped ahead of the Fortune Club, because business income increased by £ 33,320,000 to £ 259 million. On the site, the club can not be a more successful team, because it became the first team to keep the Champions League in a modern format.

3. FC Barcelona — €648.3 million

Last season, Barcelona recorded a record. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the transfer income was not included in the 200 million pounds of fees, and Barcelona's income from the sale of Neymar PSG was not taken into account.

4. Bayern Munich — €587.8 million

"Deloitte" said that "Bayern Munich" is "the most profitable company in any football club in the world." Last season, business income amounted to 295.1 million pounds sterling in the total revenue in the club. The German team won the championship of the Bundesliga for five consecutive seasons.

5. Manchester City — €527.7 million

As a result of the growth in revenues from television and radio broadcasting and business as a still developing football and economic power, Manchester City is now a convenient part of Deloitte, as it continues in the second season. Team Guardiola is the team for the Premier League season and work, so urban locations next season may be higher.

6. Arsenal FC — €487.6 million

The total income of Arsenal is a club record. On the site the club won the third FA Cup for four seasons, but can not participate in the UEFA Champions League this season. Arsenal could downgrade Deloitte's rating next year.

7. Paris Saint-Germain — €486.2 million

The French team may have lost the French championship last season, but in the summer it must have distorted its financial problems, because it signed a contract with the world record of Neymar for 200 million pounds and increased KylianMbappé (to buy) through loans. Deloitte said that these high-profile signatures "reflect the apparent desire of PSG to regain the advantage in France and ultimately win the Champions League".

8. Chelsea FC — €428 million

After last year the club won the Premier League title in 2016-2017, the fleet of Chelsea came down. The new sponsorship agreement, signed with Carabao's beverage industry, this year will increase business revenues to 139.8 million pounds.

9. Liverpool FC — €424.2 million

Last year, "Liverpool" recorded a record total revenue. Due to new television deals, the revenues from the broadcast increased, but Deloitte stated that the future of Jürgen Klopp is even brighter. He added: "The success of the stadium, as well as business growth and increased daily income in the market can be seen [Liverpool] Enter a higher position. Next year.

10. Juventus — €405.7 million

Last year, "Liverpool" recorded a record total revenue. Due to new television deals, the revenues from the broadcast increased, but Deloitte stated that the future of Jürgen Klopp is even brighter. He added: "The success of the stadium, as well as business growth and increased daily income in the market can be seen [Liverpool] Enter a higher position. Next year.

2018 FIFA World Cup Live Streaming, Tickets Details, Matches Schedule

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World Cup 2018 live broadcast, game schedule, opening ceremony - World Cup football is the world's largest international football tournament. It is held once every four years. The World Health Organization includes 32 teams worldwide and fights for the honor of the best football team. The final version of the World Cup in Russia, which will be held in Russia, has almost been lost. The competition is scheduled to take place in Russia in June and July.

FIFA World Cup History

The first release of the FIFA World Cup was organized in Uruguay in 1930. At that time, FIFA President Jules Remy invited 13 international teams to participate in the competition. Uruguay was the organizer's victory in the game. As a result of WC's success behind them, FIFA decided to hold a four-year competition.

After each game, it will be held every four years, like the Olympic Games. Because of World War II, the games of 1942 and 1946 were canceled, but resumed in 1950. The final of the World Cup in 2018 will be the final of the 21st World Cup. Russia was confirmed as the host of the 2018 World Cup.

2018 FIFA World Cup Fixtures, Schedule,Timetable

The first release of the FIFA World Cup was organized in Uruguay in 1930. At that time, FIFA President Jules Remy invited 13 international teams to participate in the competition. Uruguay was the organizer's victory in the game. As a result of WC's success behind them, FIFA decided to hold a four-year competition.

After each game, it will be held every four years, like the Olympic Games. Because of World War II, the games of 1942 and 1946 were canceled, but resumed in 1950. The final of the World Cup in 2018 will be the final of the 21st World Cup. Russia was confirmed as the host of the 2018 World Cup.